Fury Ry is Finnish registered non-profit organization which encourages following thing: Use of Internet in various forms. That definition covers all variations of internet usage, mainly we have been (not very lately) active in gaming: in team based network games like Quake, Half-Life,Total Annihilation etc.

Fury ry started as Quake clan in Raahe in 1997. At first Fury was open only students of Raahe Institute of Computer Engineering. It was founded by following clans which were based on Ratol at 1996:

  • Kolhoosi
  • Natural Born Fraggers
  • No Mercy
  • Komposti

Since then we have been active in someways in network gaming, mainly first person shooters but also in realtime strategy games. Time passed and we started all leave Raahe, some of us graduated,some of us did not and some of us are still there =)

We used to have annual parties where persons involved did meet, and it felt bad to let that tradition go. So someone had an idea about founding non-profit organization called Fury. This caught fire really in year 2000. During that year most of us had left Raahe and moved into various parts of Finland. In 21st of October 2000 Fury ry was officially founded and we got cool our own .fi domain.


Fury ry has Tampere as its hometown, but it does not mean that we all are from Tampere, as it was said earlier most us shared Ratol as a school in some phase of life.


Because we wanted to and we can!